AHEPA and DOP Christmas Party – Thursday Dec 10th at Spartan Manor

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Holiday Fundraiser for Eros 356

Christmas shopping made easy!

Wreaths, sprays, centerpieces and trees  

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For every item ordered our Chapter will get an $8 donation.

Please help if you can. Due to COVID-19 our fundraising has been extremely limited this year.

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On Nov. 15th, the AHEPA Family of NPR, AHEPA CH. 489 and EROS 356 commemorated the DOP Founders’ Day by offering the Blessing of the Loaves of Bread for the health of the AHEPA/DOP members, active duty military members and living Veterans. It also offered a Memorial Service for the departed AHEPA Family members and veterans of all wars.


Following the ceremony, AHEPA President Jimmy Makris presented a $5,000.00 check to St. George Church in New Port Richey.  Father Andrew thanked the Brotherhood and Sisterhood for its symbiotic relationship with the church and expressed his wish to see the association grow to the largest chapter. Father Andrew encouraged all to become members of the AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope.


FOUNDERS DAY Nov 15th 2020


Following the service and presentation, a luncheon was held at

Inn on the Gulf on Hudson Beach.






Membership Dues 2020 -2021

Membership dues for next year can now  be paid. The amount due is $45, which represents $35 to National DOP and $10 to our own Chapter. An additional $15 applies for new and renewing members.. You can pay by cash or check at the meetings or mail your check to Daughters of Penelope, 6625 Rowan Road, New Port Richey FL 34653

 Next Meeting

Monday November 2nd at 6 pm at the AHEPA House. Remember to wear a mask.

All meetings this year except November and January will be on the first Tuesday of the month (no meeting in December). All meetings are Eros 356 members only.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Daughters of Penelope you can download a membership form here. We will be initiating new members at our October and January meetings. Please return your form to Eros 356, ask your sponsor or contact Tina Wilson for more details. Prospective members and non-members are always welcome to attend our social and fundraising events. Get to know us before you join!


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