We are pleased to announce that we are continuing to work with Cypress Elementary and Gulf Highlands Elementary.


Eros 356 is working  to help reduce child hunger in Pasco County. Many children are on free or reduced lunch programs at school during the week but are still FOOD INSECURE, meaning they are at risk of being hungry over the weekend.

With YOUR help we can make a difference!


We have adopted CYPRESS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and GULF HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARY  for the Pack-a-Sack 4 Kids Program.

Each Pack-a-Sack provides a backpack filled with healthy and nutritious food for the child to take home on the weekends and over extended school breaks.

For just $5.00 a week you can provide nutritious, healthy food for a hungry child. Any dollar amount will help feed a child.


Please consider a donation of $200 to feed one child for an entire year!


More information and a printable donation form can be found here.

If you are considering buying food items to donate to Pack-a-Sack, we have a sample list here  – One week’s items

Thank you!